"Standardizing the Format of Digitally Signed Credentials"

Blockchain Digital Identity Management System™ Prototype

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The Blockchain Digital Identity Management System is a disruptive innovation that will create a paradigm shift in how Personally Identifiable Digital Identity data is stored and transferred in an officially recognized standardized format, such as social security card, passport, driver’s license, power of attorney, grant deed, voting ballot and real-time tally, and refugee geo-location and identifier data. The technical solution is to encrypt and decrypt blocks containing your sensitve digital identity data for simple and easy transmission of official documentation from the safety of one’s home. Currently, this system is currently a prototype, which was built to test for technical feasability purposes and to trial among computer science students. Participants were asked to send pseudo official transcripts in various real-world contexts, such as to a graduate school or to an employer. Based on the data collected, improvements were made to the user interface design, such as to reducing the number of steps to complete a transaction. The potential barriers to implementation and/or adoption include: complexity in user interface, understanding what Blockchain is, understanding how Blockchain differs from current digital identity management technology, and the alignment of end-users’ digital identity management beliefs with that of Diustributed Ledger Blockchain technology. In other words, “Does Blockchain manage digital identity in alignment with how the end-user believes their digital identity should be managed?” The technical hurdles will be analyzed and reassessed continually throughout all phases of development utilizing the Blockchain Implementation Research Framework. The main distinguishing chararcteristic of the Blockchain Digital Identity Managemnt from comparative prototypes is the means by which sensitve Personally Identifiable Digial Identity data is stored and transferred. The BlockSensys system stores sensistive data and verifies the user's idenitty completely on its distributed Blockchain, rather than sensistive data being stored centrally while verification is processed decentrally. The latter is correspondent to the middle part of the diagram below and the former is correspondent to the right side of the diagram below.